Unions, Secret Ballots and Sgt. Pepper

I found this today. It’s amazing that nearly half a century later, bad ideas are making a comback.

At the same time John, Paul, George and Ringo were putting words to tape in Abbey Road Studios, someone else put words to paper. 

“Just as a man is entitled to a voice in government, so he should certainly have that right in the very personal matter of earning a living. I have always supported the principle of the union shop, even though that includes a certain amount of compulsion with regard to union membership. For that reason it seems to me that government must accept a responsibility for safeguarding each union member’s democratic rights within his union. For that reason we will submit legislative proposals to guarantee each union member a secret ballot in his union on policy matters and the use of union dues.”

Ronald Reagan January 5, 1967 California Governor’s Inauguration Speech

So there really is a playbook the Left follows.


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