Where We’ve Come From And Where We’re Going

Lately it seems like it’s 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. In many ways we’ve become our own worst enemy.

“Well, it’s true we haven’t brought about every change important to the conscience of a conservative, but we conservatives can take a great deal of honest pride in what we have achieved. In a few minutes I want to talk about just how far we’ve come and what we need to do to win further victories. But right now, I think a word or two on strategy is in order. You may remember that in the past, I mentioned that it was not our task as conservatives to just point out the mistakes made over all the decades of liberal government, not just to form an able opposition, but to govern, to lead a nation. And I noted this would make new demands upon our movement, upon all of us.”

Ronald Reagan February 18, 1983  CPAC Conference

Conservatives problems stem from when they don’t stay true to principle and govern like conservatives.


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