Wrong For What Ails Us

It looks like a trillion dollars of taxpayer money is about to be doled out by Washington politicians. Too bad it flies in the face of a successful plan that pulled this nation out of an economic quagmire.

“The permanent recovery in employment, production, and investment we seek won’t come in a sharp, short spurt. It’ll build carefully and steadily in the months and years ahead. In the meantime, the challenge of government is to identify the things that we can do now to ease the massive economic transition for the American people.

The federal budget is both a symptom and a cause of our economic problems. Unless we reduce the dangerous growth rate in government spending, we could face the prospect of sluggish economic growth into the indefinite future.”

Ronald Reagan January 25, 1983 State Of The Union Address

It’s a shame our elected officials don’t believe enough in us to let us pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Success is a great source of self-esteem.


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