A Matter Of Principle?

So is this a new day in GOP politics? What then? A suggestion.

“Let me say again what I said to our conservative friends from the academic world: What I envision is not simply a melding together of the two branches of American conservatism into a temporary uneasy alliance, but the creation of a new, lasting majority.

This will mean compromise. But not a compromise of basic principle. What will emerge will be something new: something open and vital and dynamic, something the great conservative majority will recognize as its own, because at the heart of this undertaking is principled politics.”

Ronald Reagan February 6, 1977 CPAC Convention

There’s that darn ‘principle’ word again. What do you think that means? How about one example: “Government that governs best governs closest to the people”. Create your ‘solutions’ with that principle in mind – no matter the issue – and see what happens.


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