Go Along To Get Along Politicians

You know, my mother used to tell me that what I did today would set a precedent for the future. It seems many of our politicians tend to forget that.

“So, let me be very clear. We will press for further cuts in federal spending. We will protect the tax reductions already passed. We will spend on defense what is necessary for our national security. I have no intention of leading the Republican Party into next fall’s election on a platform of higher taxes and cut-rate defense. If our opponents want to go to the American people next fall and say, “We’re the party that tried to cut spending, we’re the party that tried to take away your tax cuts, we’re the party that wanted a bargain-basement military and held a fire sale on national security,” let’s give them all the running room they want.”

Ronald Reagan February 26, 1982 9th CPAC Conference

Ignoring or vascillating on principles will come back to bite you: providing taxpayers and voters are paying attention. Are you?


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