A Stronger Economy

I sometimes wonder if individual citizens have not seen a balanced personal budget in so long that they have no qualms when the Federal one is a shambles…

“The economic recovery package that I’ve outlined to you over the past weeks is, I deeply believe, the only answer that we have left. Reducing the growth of spending, cutting marginal tax rates, providing relief from overregulation, and following a noninflationary and predictable monetary policy are interwoven measures which will ensure that we have addressed each of the severe dislocations which threaten our economic future. These policies will make our economy stronger, and the stronger economy will balance the budget, which we’re committed to do by 1984.”

Ronald Reagan April 28, 1981 State Of The Union Address

It seems so odd to hear a politician recommend a course of action that deliberately excludes politicians, that some might think I was making it up. Nope, it was true. And it worked.


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